Why Us?

A Customized Program to Meet Your Individual Health Goals

Evexia Medical’s team of experts focus on helping you achieve a lifetime of sustainable change. It’s not just about fixing or restricting a diet. We focus on helping you reach your optimal health goals, on long-term successful weight management, on healthy weight loss, and prevention of weight regain.

Board Certified Medical Doctor

Our board-certified specialists will perform a thorough health evaluation, use the latest technology in assessing metabolic health and discuss your optimal health goals. Some examples of questions addressed are: 

Together, we will customize a plan to meet your optimal health goals.


We use telehealth and remote monitoring technology to help keep you on track and tailor your program towards success. A smart scale is included in your membership. Our easy to use app keeps you and your healthcare team connected. We utilize a novel software to track your food intake and obtain diagnostic food analytics. A few snapshots of your plate and that’s all it takes. Telehealth visits increase access and integrate your care team.


We support a lifetime relationship with food focused on your overall health. This is not a quick fix, a fad diet, or a magic weight loss plan. We design long term health and wellness plans to fit your needs and lifestyle. We strive and preventing weight regain. Our team of board certified specialists will work closely with you to help drive these changes for the long run.

Lifestyle & behavior

Lifestyle & behavior are paramount to successful and sustainable long term weight management and wellness. We understand that making changes is not easy and will not happen overnight. As part of your membership you will have 1:1 individualized virtual appointments with a board-certified coach to help motivate and guide these changes. Your coach will work closely with your doctor to help drive change by focusing on your strengths, emphasizing accountability, and fueling better outcomes.

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