FL Board of Medicine Approves Historic Revision to Obesity Treatment Standard

Evexia Press Release

In August, the Florida Board of Medicine approved the revision of a rule dating back to 1998 that highly restricted the treatment of obesity as a chronic disease. Under the new revised law, patients have access to the full spectrum of medical, evidence-based treatments, already available across the nation, for long-term management of this complex […]

Why is it so difficult to lose weight?

metabolism word cloud

Overweight and obesity affect more that 70% of the US adult population and these numbers continue to skyrocket. Over 50% of adults attempt to modify their weight at any given moment. According to the CDC, 1 in every 5 middle aged women has been “dieting” for several years and most have regained the weight. Anybody […]

Take a Dip this Summer

Assorted dips for the summer

Entertaining this summer? Need a last-minute treat? Great news! We have some crowd-pleasing easy to make dips. They are a convenient and delicious way to consume a wide variety of anti-inflammatory vegetables, spices, and healthy fats. While we love the convenience of purchased dips like packaged hummus, many brands contain unnecessary levels of fat and […]

Nutrition Claims Explained: Truth or Trend?

confused at store

Nutrition Claims Explained: Truth or Trend? Let’s talk about it…. A can of vegetables may say “low in sodium”. A milk carton “high in calcium”, A salad dressing labeled “light” or cookies advertise they “burn fat”. These are examples of Nutrition claims and are typically found on the front of a food or supplement package. […]

Fresh or Frozen?

fresh or Frozen Foods

Fruits and vegetables are important players in a healthy diet. The recent Dietary Guidelines recommend consuming between 5 and 9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. These spotlight-worthy foods provide nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber while adding color, flavor, and texture to meals. So, Is fresh better than frozen? Does frozen […]

Nutrition Myths

fake or fact

Confused about nutrition? Wondering if the latest trend is fake or a fact? There is so much information out there, and much of it is flawed, misinterpreted, or flat-out false. It can be too often a time difficult to identify and sift through these myths to find the real facts. For example, Does eating bread […]

Matcha green tea powder: a superfood worth talking about

Green matcha powder

Over the past several years, Matcha has become very popular, and is now found in beverage shots, fancy lattes, and creative desserts. Matcha comes from the same plant as green tea. Matcha, however, is grown much differently that other green teas. Its vibrant color comes from the fact that it is grown in the shade. […]

Let’s talk about superfoods…


There is no single food item – Not even a superfood _ that can fulfill the nutritional requirements for a healthy meal. …….Not even a superfood. So, what is all the hype with superfoods?  Certain players in the food group deserve special recognition. Research studies over the years have demonstrated that superfoods are high in […]

Let’s talk about processing…

Processed Foods

A processed food is one that has undergone changes to its natural state. In other words, any agricultural product subject to cutting, heating, pasteurizing, freezing, or a procedure that alter its state- including the addition of preservatives, flavors, additives such as sugar, salt, fats and so forth. In many ways, processing can be beneficial. Techniques […]

Let’s talk about Fad diets…

Diet Fads

Weight-loss advice is everywhere; New “tricks” and “fad diets” are marketed to consumers every day with the promise of elusive weight loss. Rather than improving our health, they can often lead to detrimental effects. Most are Short lived, Unverifiable, Difficult to sustain, and mostly lead to weight regain quite quickly to the starting weight or […]