Homemade Marinara

homemade marinara
DifficultyBeginnerYields1 ServingCategory
 1 28oz (750g) can of peeled tomatoes
 56 oz (~180g) can tomato paste
 1 yellow onion , chopped (~ 1 cup)
 2 garlic cloves
 2 carrots, chopped (~1/2 cup)
 Optional: peppers, any color, chopped (~1/2 cup)
 Optional: 1 tablespoon brown sugar, maple syrup, honey or coconut sugar
 Seasoning: Salt, pepper, pepper flakes, dried basil, dried oregano, paprika

In medium saucepan, over medium heat, use your oil of choice. Cook chopped garlic, carrots, onion [pepper] until tender.


Add canned tomatoes and tomato paste. Stir to break up tomatoes.


Add seasoning, [sugar].


Reduce heat to low. Simmer for 10min.


Other considerations:

Can be used with veggies, pasta, rice, any protein

Whole grain toast + shredded mozzarella for pizza

Freeze for future use

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